No mandate? Hillary Clinton got more votes than McCain, Romney and Trump!

Hillary Clinton got more votes than McCain, Romney and Trump.

Hillary Clinton got more votes than McCain, Romney and Trump. Numbers as of November 13th, 2016 11am Arizona time.

Republicans are still having a hard time accepting that a black man and a woman have received more votes than any of their rich white male candidates in the past decade. This hardly speaks to a clear mandate for Trump, and most Americans DID NOT want Trump for President and election results demonstrate that fact clearly.

And they wonder why people are protesting; because the people’s vote was Trumped by an antiquated electoral system!

This also means that the Electoral College is the Republicans’ best friend; their last two Presidents, Bush and Trump both lost the popular vote.

Furthermore, the only Democrat to win this century, both in the popular and electoral college, is someone not connected to Bill Clinton like Vice-President Al Gore and First Lady Hillary Clinton are.

The stereotypical black roles required to win; #OscarsSoWhite


Consider: In the history of the Oscars, 10 black women have been nominated for best actress, and nine of them played characters who are homeless or might soon become so.

All 10 performances for which black women have received best-actress nominations involve poor or lower-income characters, and half of those are penniless mothers.

A few more commonalities to note: Seven of the 10 best-actress nominees played characters with absent or incarcerated husbands, boyfriends, or fathers. And six of the characters suffer physical abuse, with five of them being raped.

The academy has tended to honor black men for different sorts of roles, and it has honored them more often. Black men have been up for best actor 20 times, with four nominations going to Denzel Washington, three to Morgan Freeman, and two each to Sidney Poitier and Mr. Smith.

Thirteen of the recognized performances involve being arrested or incarcerated.

From the NY Times.