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  • Tucson City Manager quits after leaving city broke and morale broken

    Tucson City Manager and former Tucson Police Chief Richard Miranda is finally calling it quits.

    This action comes in the midst of several serious debacles, including the budget controversies and the huge lawsuit the city lost this week that will allow citizens to finally have access to public information the city was hiding illegally.

    Now change is coming as Chicano fat-cats Manuel Isquierdo from Sunnyside and Richard Miranda leave and hopefully can cause no more damage by raiding the pots paid into by the poor.

    Don’t worry about Miranda, though, as he is is making off with plenty of taxpayer dollars.

    To grasp the depth of the issue, recall that our city manager is Richard Miranda, the former Tucson police chief. He retired in 2008 after spiking his own pension with a sell-back of accumulated sick leave. The Arizona Republic, which has been covering municipal pension problems in Arizona, reported that Miranda now gets $137,724 per year from his public-safety pension, on top of his $202,000 salary.

    So, we are to trust a man who greatly benefited from this system to rein it in.

    via Arizona Daily Star.

    This was after Miranda made half a million off of our tax dollars. Read more on Tucson City Manager quits after leaving city broke and morale broken…