Adelita Grijalva’s “DERP” moment: Blames ERP for Hoarding HT keeping $20 million from TUSD teachers


For three years, the reason that TUSD did not spend nearly $20 million that the state gave it in Prop 301 money, money approved by the voters and meant for teachers, is because of a software problem. This is according to TUSD board president Adelita Grijalva.   Sometimes the elected officials say it best in their own words. For a quick summary of what the discussion that follows is about, TUSD gets millions of dollars (around $18 million or so) each year in “Prop 301” funds, approved by voters in the year 2000 and meant for teacher salaries and performance […]

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TUSD set to approve $600 million budget with minimal details in advance


At today’s TUSD board meeting, the board will be approving/rubber-stamping the $600 million budget that HT Sanchez’s administration will be presenting them. The main problem with the vote on this budget, as with most of their votes, is one of unearned trust as minimal details are actually given into what they will be voting for before they vote to approve the massive amounts of money anyways. This problem occurred at the June regular board meeting when TUSD blindly voted for spending of over $53 million in the consent agenda. In that, over 40%, or over $21 million, went to one […]

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VIDEO: Does HT Sanchez deserve nearly $300,000 and not a penny less to run TUSD?


KGUN9 had an investigative report on the obscene amount of money that the TUSD board is giving to its superintendent, making him the highest paid superintendent in Arizona and now a member of the elite 1%. Sadly that money comes from dwindling education dollars that deduct from schools and students while more must be given to feed the Cult of the Executive. At a time when Tucson Unified School District faces a budget deficit, teacher shortage and declining enrollment, the district’s superintendent received a 24 percent salary raise. Four thousand TUSD teachers in the trenches impacting the lives of 46,000 […]

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TUSD Whistleblowers: It is hell working for Heliodoro – HT Sanchez and his flagrant lies

To: Open Letter to TUSD Community Members- 7th Letter From: Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators; Teachers and Parents TUSD Supporters (Please distribute to others who are interested in the welfare of TUSD; teachers- please pass onto peers and parents pass on to other parents) Subject: Heliodoro Torres Sánchez Jr.’s Flagrant Lies; More Administrators Escape his Hellish Regime Heliodoro Torres Sánchez Jr.’s flagrant lies are beyond astonishing. What is even more amazing and absurd is how he gets away with his deceptions with his three gullible Board members- Adelita Grijalva, Krystal Foster, and Cam Juarez. There is not a single fact-checker among […]

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Mark Stegeman blasts HT Sanchez for lies about mythical loan: TUSD budget forecast grim

While TUSD board member Mark Stegeman and the Three Sonorans have had many disagreements over the years, when it comes to numbers that is something the economist and the mathematician can find common ground on. What is going on in TUSD? Where does this $15 million dollar in the red come from? Is financial collapse looming?  Yes, and the evidence of this is all the schools we have been closing and selling off. The question now is if there is more financial collapse coming? The big debacle arose as a response to the following spreadsheet TUSD CFO Awwad sent out as […]

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The Same But Different: Ducey vs Grijalva


Republicans: We must all support Doug Ducey since as the Treasurer he has the experience to get us out of our budget crisis. Just ignore that it happened under his watch… Democrats: We must all support Adelita Grijalva since as Board President she has the experience to get us out of our budget crisis. Just ignore that it happened under her watch… Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member for just $5/month! (Google ad below)

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Tucson City Manager quits after leaving city broke and morale broken

Tucson City Manager and former Tucson Police Chief Richard Miranda is finally calling it quits. This action comes in the midst of several serious debacles, including the budget controversies and the huge lawsuit the city lost this week that will allow citizens to finally have access to public information the city was hiding illegally. Now change is coming as Chicano fat-cats Manuel Isquierdo from Sunnyside and Richard Miranda leave and hopefully can cause no more damage by raiding the pots paid into by the poor. Don’t worry about Miranda, though, as he is is making off with plenty of taxpayer […]

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TUSD board member Cam Juarez snaps at elderly lady holding him accountable on budget (AUDIO)

TUSD board member Cam Juarez.

Cam Juarez: That statement that we made that [budget] decision superficially is not something I appreciate, so I would say that this is a response to a criticism [by Lillian Fox] and its intentionality, but I appreciate it though. Adelita Grijalva: Okaaayyy… This last TUSD board meeting was a tear-jerker As I spend my Thursday morning getting caught up with TUSD (by the way, where is the video?) I am here listening to the audio of the community speaking to the board and literally have tears in my eyes. This was going to be the focus of my next article, […]

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TUSD vs Mesa: Comparing the bloated cabinet of HT Sanchez to the largest school district in Arizona

Mesa v TUSD

Today we let the mathematics speak for itself. We compare the Cabinet costs of Arizona two largest school districts; Mesa and Tucson Unified School District. Comparing Cabinet Salaries The salaries for the Mesa Cabinet includes Base Pay + Performance Bonus + Cell Phone Stipend + Vacation Payout. The salaries for the TUSD Cabinet includes Base Pay + Performance Bonus + Stipend + Free Short Term Disability + Vacation Payout. It turns out this Vacation Payout turns out to be a huge sum of money for the TUSD Cabinet If you do not use your vacation time, the cabinet is automatically […]

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