Special Master vs HT vs MALDEF: New legal battle over “culturally relevant” Director, still no MAS

HT Sanchez continues John Pedicone's path of MAS destruction.

Three Sonorans noted earlier this week that the process that was used to appoint the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy and Instruction (CRPI) Director was shady as hell. It seems we weren’t the only ones disgusted with TUSD’s chicanery on the future of Chicano Studies after the federal court appointed Special Master has put it in writing and submitted to the federal court overseeing the TUSD Desegregation case that he is also not too pleased with the process and is demanding change.  Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member for just $5/month! (Google ad below)

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Has Tucson Police has been spying on us NSA-style since 2010?

Tucson has the perception of being a progressive stronghold in Arizona, and indeed our mayor and council are 100% Democrat. Thus all the appointments are 100% Democrat approved; everyone from city manager to police chief and thus it is them we can hold accountable if something wrong happens; people like Regina Romero, Richard Fimbres, Karin Uhlich… Jonathan Rothschild. As the city deals with a budget deficit of $33 million, how would you feel would it make you feel if over $400,000 of that was spent spying on your cellphone communications NSA-style? This is in fact what the city has been […]

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