Arizona Democrats no longer Pro-Choice?

The Death of Democracy via the Democrats in Arizona? No longer pro-choice.

The year 2010 brought a new era in Arizona politics, and it also coincides with both the last statewide elections for all the offices from Governor to State Superintendent, and also when anti-Latino legislation such SB1070 and HB2281 was passed, transforming the last-place incumbent into the first-place contender in the Republican Party.

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Protect Your Right to Vote delivers 146,000 signatures to refer HB2305 to the ballot

PHOENIX – The Protect Your Right to Vote Committee today delivered approximately 146,000 petition signatures to the Arizona Secretary of State to put the Legislature’s attempt to get tough on Arizona voters to a vote of the people. An unprecedented coalition of more than 25 non-profit civic engagement organizations joined together to stand up for Arizona voting rights and put House Bill 2305 on the Nov. 2014 ballot. The Legislature passed the bill — which changed almost 20 separate areas of election law with virtually no public testimony– by a near party-line vote in June. The Committee is confident it has enough valid signatures to exceed the 86,405 threshold to put the referendum on the ballot, said Chairwoman Julie Erfle.

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The Death of Democracy in the Arizona Democratic Party?

[To Chad Campbell] I am writing this to ask you not to pursue a run for Governor in 2014.

In Fred DuVal, we have not only a universally respected and exceptionally  well-qualified candidate, but also someone who has thoroughly thought  through what a successful campaign will entail and has already done the  work that he needs to have done by now. He has secured the endorsements  of elected officials and leaders all over the state, including every  living former Democratic Governor.

from Tom Prezelski via BlogForArizona.

As the son of a former councilmember from Marana, I’ve been involved with politics for a long time.

Maybe I wasn’t part of the cool kids club, but I’ve been observing and learning.

The last campaign I threw myself into 100% was that of Randy Parraz running for US Senate in 2010. He actually decided to run with only about a month left to collect signatures and did so because of the passage of SB1070 and the lack of any real opposition to it from the Democratic Establishment Candidate, Rodney Glassman.

I learned a lot that year.

For one, the cool kids club is a very loyal club. Divisions may arise, sure, but for the most part it seems to me that the candidates are like the top 10 colors of paint; different shades of whiteness.

Sometimes this is ok. Sometimes good-intentioned and well-meaning Democrats can get by with out a critical consciousness on race issues.

But sometimes you have Arizona under Jan Brewer and a Black President and Immigration being the top topic. Sometimes you have anti-Latino policies that legalize racial profiling or try to ban our precious knowledge from being taught in schools.

Sometimes you need to be more than just smart or nice. Sometimes you need to have some courage to stand up against evil.

Is “evil” too strong of a word for you?

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