The morals of Motorola on Tumamoc Hill

For those who love Tumamoc, you should know what the county is doing with Motorola on that sacred site for many…

In April 2009, Pima County signed a contract with Motorola to execute this project. It was Motorola that proposed tower number 30 be on top of Tumamoc because it stated this was the only way to meet the county’s coverage requirements (=Maryland) for the project given the ‘terrain limitations and other simulcast sites in their design’ (

I am guessing that whoever was in that board room that day knew that getting a tower on Tumamoc was not going to be easy. With the significance to native tribes, the University of Arizona, the site’s importance in archeological and ecological research, the U.S. Forest Service, the popularity among ‘walkers’, being just a sample of affected parties, this was a poop storm in the making. Where its 29 brothers and sisters are quietly and without much drama contributing to this giant hundred-million dollar county wide tele-communicative pin cushion (their exact locations are not shared with the public), the Tumamoc tower has been the attention grabbing diva that steals the show.


So, it’s coming – 125 feet of awesome celestial penetration on top of Tumamoc Hill. And I have absolutely no intention of breaking out into ‘Heal the World’ and attempting to ‘save’ anything. I don’t want to be called a hypocrite if I am ever seen pulled to safety by FEMA. I’ll admit, all this had me sick to my stomach for a few days, kinda like some might feel if they found out someone is sectioning off part of their church or temple, bringing in the trucks and tractors and building a giant thingy in the name of public safety. It gets personal. What would you do? Would you surrender some of your personal peace for the enhanced safety of your collective? How do you ever argue against public safety? You don’t. Unless you’re an a-hole. Some things are just bigger than me. This is bigger than me – 119’8’’ bigger than me. I get it. This is a sign of our times.

But you know, that mountain is a pilgrimage for me. I find peace there, because this is a crazy place down here sometimes and I just get tired of everyone fighting…

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