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Eric Holder Promises Aggressive Civil Rights Protection against Arpaio tactics

The U.S. Justice Department will aggressively protect the civil liberties, voting rights and safety of Latinos in the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder promised during a Saturday address at the National Council of La Raza Convention in Las Vegas.

Holder also offered a specific warning to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and any agency wanting to emulate Arpaio’s efforts to round up and expel undocumented immigrants at any cost.

“These policies simply have no place in responsible law enforcement, and they must not and simply will not be tolerated as long as I am attorney general of the United States,” Holder said.

Via HuffPost.

Open letter to Ron Barber

The following excerpt is from the BlogForArizona’s David Safier.

Dear Representative Barber,

I write this as someone who expended a bit of sweat and treasure in your recent campaign and plan to do so again between now and November. I’m a supporter, but a more cautious supporter today than I was a few days ago.

Your two recent votes, one risking the environment to beef up border patrols and the other holding the Attorney General in civil contempt, were terrible votes in my opinion. However, I want to skip over the first and look at the second. I expect you, like Giffords before you, will make votes I dislike, and your border vote falls into that category. I don’t know whether you actually believe giving the border patrol a pass on environmental issues is a good idea or you think your vote was the politically expedient thing to do with the November election a few months away, but I can agree to disagree with you on that one. Your vote against Holder, on the other hand, is simply unconscionable.

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