Hillary Clinton Needs to Wake Up. Trump Is Stealing the Voters She Takes for Granted

Thomas Frank

The Republican party wants my liberal vote. This was the most shocking wave to wash over my brain last week as I sat in the convention center in Cleveland. It was more startling in its way than the storm of hate that I saw descend on former GOP hero Ted Cruz, stranger than the absence of almost all the party’s recent standard-bearers, weirder than the police-state atmosphere that hovered over the streets of the city.

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Did Donald Trump call for a ban on assault weapons, and is Hillary moving to the right already?

mass murderers venn

In a recent Twitter post responding to the Orlando mass shooting, Donald Trump says that our leadership is weak and ineffective, and that he has asked for a ban. What has happened in Orlando is just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I called it and asked for the ban. Must be tough — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 12, 2016 On this I agree with Donald Trump. Obama has been weak and ineffective, and it is time to place a ban on assault weapons. What else could the Republican nominee be referring to? Consider the following Venn […]

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Both President Bushes announce they will NOT vote this year


George H.W., as well as his son George W. Bush, have announced that they will not be casting their vote in the 2016 election. Since ‘he who shall not be named’ won the Republican nomination, members of the GOP have come out refusing to vote for the winning candidate, some even leaving the Republican party outright. This response to ‘he who shall not be named’ clinching the Republican nomination is not exactly uncommon this year, but it was definitely an unexpected move for the diehard Republican family. To throw away one’s vote is an act of defiance, and the fact that the Bush’s would rather […]

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TUSD prepares for collapse: Will HT Sanchez survive the demise?

If the Arizona State Legislature continues as they have so far this session, then the countdown has begun for the collapse of TUSD that will culminate almost exactly with the end of TUSD superintendent HT Sanchez’s term next summer. The deadly bullet may be SB1120, sponsored by Tucson-area Republican Mark Finchem from Oro Valley, that seeks to slowly eliminate all desegregation funding for TUSD which is currently about $64 million per year. This bill is on the agenda today at the Arizona legislature. The attack on education in Southern Arizona has gotten so complex over the years and yet this attack has […]

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Are Ethnic Studies in TUSD banned or promoted by new GOP leadership in AZ?

Last week the lame duck state superintendent John Huppenthal made his last act in office to ban the new “culturally relevant” course (CRC) in Tucson’s largest school district, TUSD. The new state superintendent Diane Douglas made one of her first actions to meet with the TUSD superintendent HT Sanchez to discuss the status of Huppenthal’s ruling, which set off a 60 day period for TUSD to get into compliance or else risk losing 10% of its budget. What has happened since that Wednesday meeting is a complete lack of critical thinking from media that have simply regurgitated press releases just […]

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