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  • Why banned books in TUSD should be read by all: 48 teachers file amicus brief against HB2281

    In January of 2012, 7 books were banned in Tucson’s largest school district that were at the heart of the Mexican American Studies program.

    TeachersCaseThose books were:

    1. Pedagogy of the Oppressed
    2. Message to Aztlan
    3. Critical Race Theory
    4. 500 Años del Pueblo Chicano / 500 Years of Chicano History, in Pictures
    5. Rethinking Columbus: The Next 500 Years
    6. Occupied America: A History of Chicanos
    7. Chicano! The History of the Mexican American Civil Rights

    48 teachers from different states have filed their own amicus brief in the Maya Arce v. John Huppenthal Ninth Circuit case against HB2281, Arizona’s “Ethnic Studies Ban” bill.

    If you have ever wondered why these books are so powerful, and why they should be read by all Americans, then you should print out a copy of the PDF above to read over the holiday break to find out how historical truth really gets under the skin of right-wing Republicans in Arizona, the “show me your papers state,” to the point that they try to mimic 1930s Germany even further by banning books.


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  • Unitary Status Plan Public Forum #3

    Today was the last of 3 public forums held in order for the community to express concerns about the proposed Desegragation/Unitary Status Plan directly to the Special Master.  I think it was the most attended, at least 70 people spoke, and it ran an hour late. Only one speaker was against MAS, everyone else had beautiful words in support of the program. As usual, here are my pics.