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  • UA Hispanic Alumni Forgets Its Hispanic Roots

    UA Hispanic Alumni Association unanimously decides to NOT help DACA students.

    Operation Electrify the Southern Border (OESB) better known as the immigration reform bill has been in the news recently.

    Three weeks ago the Senate Judiciary Committee passed OESB and it cleared Senate procedural hurdles yesterday and may soon go before the full Senate for a vote, after more capitulation to the rightwing by the Democrats of course. This after the bill originated as a “compromise” amongst four democratic and four republican senators. I hear they’re looking to add a country-wide moat complete with sharks and alligators in order to get the votes necessary to get the bill past yet another republican filibuster. All this before it even gets to the radical rightwing House, but never fear Hispanics President Obama is going to fight for immigration reform, he said so during the 2012 campaign and we all know how he keeps his promises. And if he doesn’t that’s ok he will read your emails and check your social media pages to make sure you’re not talking bad about him.

    Here in our state we’ve actually seen slight movement in the other direction in terms of immigration reform. Pima Community College changed its policy in February to allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students to pay in-state tuition. We’ve also heard statements from several key players around the state pushing for in state tuition for DACA students at the three state universities. ASU President Michael Crow has called for in state tuition, as has U of A President Ann Weaver Hart and so has Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. The Arizona Board of Regents is beginning to listen to the pressure and will be meeting today to discuss the issue at NAU. Thus I decided to find out where the U of A Hispanic Alumni Association (UAHA) stood on the matter and what it was doing to help push the Board of Regents to change its policy on DACA students.

    So I contacted a board member of UAHA and asked her to present the issue to the UAHA Board. After a few months of prodding and asking the UAHA Board finally took a vote on the issue last month on May 14th, according to an email sent to me by UAHA President Ricky Hernandez. What did the esteemed UAHA Board decide to do? Here’s what they said in their email to me:  Read more on UA Hispanic Alumni Forgets Its Hispanic Roots…

  • Arizona Senate passes bill to ban “illegal feces” from undocumented migrants

    The great state of Arizona has a bill in the works to ban sewage access to undocumented human beings living here.

    sewageState Senator Frank Gabacho took to the Senate Floor and said “Mexicans are coming here illegally and literally shitting all over our country. And now we have to use our precious water to dispose of their illegal feces?”

    The new bill would require each household that is connected to the public sewage system to first get a license before the local municipality allows any waste to be discharged from the house.

    “We’ve already got enough problems here in the desert and we don’t need to deal with anymore crap from these illegals. They should deal with their own crap. This bill is also meant to make life so miserable that these wetbacks will self-deport back to Mexico,” Sen. Gabacho added.

    Read more on Arizona Senate passes bill to ban “illegal feces” from undocumented migrants…