Beyond Paris: Finding the Courage to Face the Climate Emergency

Russell Greene

Last weekend in Orlando the platform committee of the Democratic Party added language into their platform acknowledging the official position of the Democratic Party to be that we are in a global climate emergency.   Further, the platform  acknowledges the scale of the threat to be so large that it will require a leadership response from our country on the scale of our national mobilization to confront the threat of fascism during WWII.

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Of the Top 7 economies, 2 had their leaders ousted by right-wing movements this year – Is the USA next?


Two of the top Seven world economies have have their leaders ousted by right-wing movements just this year. UK leader ousted Brazil leader ousted Will the right-wing takeover the leadership of the world’s top economy this fall? Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member for just $5/month! (Google ad below)

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Barrio Hollywood elects new leadership team for 2016 (VIDEO)

Patrick McKenna and Scott Egan

The Barrio Hollywood Neighborhood Association met Thursday, January 7th, 2016 to elect their new leadership team. Thus ends the era of the previous administration that was mired in controversy, which began with allegations of people from outside Barrio Hollywood coming to stack the vote during the date of the last election to oust the long-serving president. Then began the controversies of allowing business-owners who do not live in Barrio Hollywood a vote which would be like allowing someone in Oro Valley to vote in Tucson elections simply because they work here. This was combined with an attempt to limit the […]

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Conflicted about the World Cup: Is Soccer like Sunnyside?

For months I have been posting on my Facebook wall about the, injustice taking place in Brazil regarding the World Cup. I was tuned into this before the armchair activists recently learned about this latest thing to keep sharing memes about. John Oliver nailed exactly how I feel on his new show (video above). FIFA is the 1% of the 1%, but I don’t ever think about FIFA during the World Cup, I think about the soccer! Still that is no excuse… This is a time for unity when billions of people from around the world watch the beautiful game. […]

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HT Sanchez already appointed a CRC Director, so why is MALDEF complaining against TUSD?

Who needs HT Sanchez when people can self-appoint themselves to Director?

A new year is upon us and 2014 will be the third year with the MAS-TUSD program after it was banned two years ago January 2012. Half of those two years was with the old “anti-MAS” majority on the school board which was 4-1. The last year was after an election were MAS was a huge issue and a new “pro-MAS majority” was chosen, ousting two incumbents. This year Michael Hicks will have to defend his seat, but he has an advantage; he’s been on the Daily Show in one of the most watched episodes ever. This was also H.T. […]

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How bad is the lack of leadership on the TUSD school board, and how much is it costing taxpayers?

TUSD deputy superintendent Adrian Vega.

We explored the lack of leadership on the school board earlier this week, and how it may just be up to the new superintendent HT Sanchez to save TUSD, since the current board lacks the courage to do anything brave on their own, such as stand up for justice and bring back Mexican American Studies or unban books. Our theory was that the current board is not a bad board, but they are just weak and need someone to follow. For example, they can be the strongest supporters of leaders such as Raul Grijalva or Randy Parraz, and as backup […]

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