Endorsements for TUSD and Democratic Primary


There is only one race in the Tucson area that has a contested primary, state senator for LD-3, and many candidates running for only 2 seats on the TUSD and 3 candidates running for 2 seats in Sunnyside (both elections are not until November). Here are my thoughts about each, including endorsements. TUSD An entire list of the candidates can be found here. The two incumbents, Adelita Grijalva and Michael Hicks, are amongst the 9 people seeking the two open seats. My endorsements are for Rene Bernal and Betts Putnam-Hidalgo. Bernal is a highly educated software engineer who I first […]

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Latinos call for resignation of Arizona’s unhinged Hispanic-bashing state superintendent


Today, the Chairman of an Arizona Latino Democratic group and many others have formallly demanded the immediate resignation of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal. Huppenthal was recently forced to reveal that he had been secretly posting seriously offensive and false internet comments, including attacks on ethnic and other groups in anonymous online blog comments for years under the fake names of Falcon9 and Thucydides. This included, among others, outrageously comparing teachers in a Mexican American Studies program in Arizona to the KKK and violent skinheads, calling the poor “lazy pigs,” falsely blaming FDR for the rise of Hitler […]

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Curtis Acosta says goodbye to TUSD: Resignation goes before board today (VIDEO)

Curtis Acosta taught Latino Literature at Tucson High School before it was banned by TUSD in January 2012.

Goodbye Curtis Acosta from Abie Morales on Vimeo. TUSD teacher and longtime Mexican American Studies supporter Curtis Acosta has resigned from the Tucson Unified School District. Acosta’s resignation, which was effective May 22, will go before the TUSD Governing Board for approval Tuesday night. Acosta helped develop and taught Mexican American Studies literature classes before the program was dismantled amid a threat of a loss of millions of dollars in state funding. Since then, Acosta has worked to keep the program alive, teaching a Mexican American Studies course in which high school students can earn college credit through Prescott College. He […]

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After spending $6.3 million on software solution, TUSD 3rd grade retentions double


It was the very first meeting of the new TUSD school board last January. The previous board just voted to close down nearly a dozen schools, and the new board said they agreed with that action despite running for office opposed to the school closures. This is the same school board that would keep Mexican American Studies banned while spending one-fifth of the desegregation budget forcibly segregating Latinos into “Mexican rooms” for 4 hours each and every day. Now another anti-Latino bill from the year 2010 is hurting Latino students in Tucson, and even after allocating $6.3 million to a […]

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June 2014: HT Sanchez continues on path of MAS destruction in TUSD


As the one-year anniversary of HT Sanchez’s reign as head of Tucson’s largest school district nears, his report card on the issue of Mexican American Studies is a repeat of that of his predecessor John Pedicone; HT Sanchez deserves an F. We are also about to begin the fourth semester since the so-called “pro-MAS” board made up of Grijalvistas (get your mustache pin now!) Cam Juarez, Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster took over the majority of TUSD board, and once again power corrupted good people, perhaps not into becoming evil, but even worse; allowing evil to continue when they have […]

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Three years ago today: UNIDOS takes over TUSD board (VIDEO)

The video below is from the UNIDOS takeover of the TUSD school board three years ago today. In doing what they did, they postponed the dismantling of the Mexican American Studies classes for a year. Take a moment right now to remember what they did by watching at least a minute of the video below, and share the video to let the nation know that Tucson still needs their help! Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member

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MAS spreads to Texas: How Horne, Huppenthal, Hicks, Hawley and HT helped spread Hispanic History classes to Houston

Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed. You cannot un-educate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. Cesar Chavez address to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, Nov. 9, 1984 The Mexican American Studies program that existed in Tucson was unique. Colleges all across the nation from Harvard to Arizona have an MAS program, but this education is already for the privileged few who made it through the K-12 educational system that seems to be content with having a high school […]

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Doug MacEachern joins Tom Horne in challenging Anti-Defamation League

You know your record as a racist is bad when you are a Jewish leader that is forced to resign from the Anti-Defamation League for something you did that was so bad they had to condemn you over it. From Three Sonorans, January 19th, 2012: The then state superintendent Tom Horne, a Polish Jewish immigrant, was forced out of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for supporting the racist bill. In case you do not know what the ADL is: The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment […]

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Historical Perspective for TUSD; Will MAS be HT Sanchez’s Iraq?


Perspective is everything and is crucial to understanding the worldview of human beings all around us that we have to live with. Recently in the wake of the Zimmerman case there have been multiple examinations, including one by the Daily Show last week, showing just how different perspectives can be on modern day America when people are divided by race; the black group gives plenty examples of racism against them, while the white group thinks racism is gone, but more importantly, does not even want to talk about it. Even worse, they think that simply talking about the problem, to paraphrase one […]

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Top 5 – Texas Gov. Rick Perry unleashing Hell this month: Is that why it is so hot?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been unleashing hell this month upon the Lone Star state, which may be the cause of Arizona’s unprecedented heat wave for June. Here is a list of his Top 5 racist, sexist and other deadly acts by the Texas leader in the last couple of weeks. Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member

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Why must TUSD keep violating Federal Desegregation Order for “far from optimal” classes?


  It has been a year that TUSD placed Dr. Auggie Romero in charge of creating a new Multicultural Curriculum (MC). A deal was made to get rid of the Mexican American Studies (MAS) director in April of 2012 but to keep Romero along as a token, as Miguel Cuevas mentioned to prove that these firings were not MAS related. In his move from director of Equity to MC, Dr. Romero was given multiple deadlines to create the new Multicultural Curriculum, all of which have passed. What is ironic though is that Dr. Romero is doing something he said he […]

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Dear Department of Justice: TUSD needs your help on Desegregation Order Violations!

Mexican Americans are like rabid dogs to some.

Dear Department of Justice, As one of the parties involved in the TUSD Federal Desegregation issue, we the people of Tucson’s largest district need your intervention to enforce the court order by Judge Bury and the crucial deadlines stated within that continue to be ignored today, just as the original Deseg Order was ignored for over three decades. It appears even MALDEF is complicit in this violation of federal court orders, choosing not to enforce the directives laid out within nor to hold TUSD to those federal court ordered deadlines, and thus the entire Unitary Status Plan continues to be […]

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John Huppenthal can ban Mexican American Studies after ruling by Arizona judge against TUSD


The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) has rejected TUSD’s appeal against John Huppenthal’s attempt to get Big Brother involved in local control by telling Tucson what it cannot teach. In other words, within a few days, state superintendent John Huppenthal will officially ban Mexican American Studies in Tucson. Save Ethnic Studies (SES) lawyer Richard Martinez responded to this ruling by saying that this is not surprising and that the ALJ dodges the whole constitutionality of the law question, which is why the SES lawsuit in federal court before Judge Tashima is so important. Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining […]

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