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  • June 2014: HT Sanchez continues on path of MAS destruction in TUSD

    As the one-year anniversary of HT Sanchez’s reign as head of Tucson’s largest school district nears, his report card on the issue of Mexican American Studies is a repeat of that of his predecessor John Pedicone; HT Sanchez deserves an F.

    We are also about to begin the fourth semester since the so-called “pro-MAS” board made up of Grijalvistas (get your mustache pin now!) Cam Juarez, Adelita Grijalva and Kristel Foster took over the majority of TUSD board, and once again power corrupted good people, perhaps not into becoming evil, but even worse; allowing evil to continue when they have the power to stop it.

    Evil? Yes, that is what I call White Supremacy and the banning of an innocent educational program that was proven to work. When you take away books from Chicanitos, you are evil. Every attempt to discredit the MAS program failed, including when the state superintendent John Huppenthal spent $170,000 to finally “prove” MAS was in violation of the law via an independent audit.

    The Cambium Audit concluded there was no violation of the law and instead lauded the program and its teachers! This from Huppenthal’s own commissioned independent audit!

    That did not stop the White Supremacy from continuing and worse of all it was directed at our children, the Latino youth of TUSD. The excuse was that poor Adelita was all by herself on the board and thus MAS had to be banned because of the anti-MAS majority, but exactly one year later the new pro-MAS board came into power and nothing was done to reverse the racist actions.

    Instead the new board dragged its knuckles on the issue, delaying return of anything like MAS out of personal spite for some of the MAS teachers who called out the new board’s role in perpetuating the institution of White Supremacy when the board could easily reverse the situation, but instead became accomplices in this injustice.

    The new board was “brave” enough to face the community and close its schools even if that meant breaking their campaign promises of being opposed to closing the schools, but cowered to Huppenthal while their friends like Augustine Romero became scabs for Pedicone.

    The CRPI Director in charge of “culturally relevant” curriculum was not appointed by the due date of April 1st, 2013. HT Sanchez came on board in July and thus had an excuse at first, but then he himself became the new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss on this issue.

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