Today on Buckmaster – Is Monsanto still in Pima County’s future?


Today on Buckmaster – he Friday Focus interview is with Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry. The Friday Roundtable features Dylan Smith, editor/publisher, and Dan Shearer, editor, Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun. Matt Russell, food and beverage columnist for … Continue reading

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Democratic Pima Attorney LaWall refuses to debate at African-American center, says her seat is not even open in this election???


Pima County Attorney had the gall to miss a debate earlier this week at the historic Dunbar Pavilion, home to the African American Museum & Cultural Center. This Friday is a bit different, and more somber. Today we reaffirm our commitment to democracy and the Constitution of the United States, which we now know Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall holds in very low regard. In today’s Arizona Daily Star, Ms. LaWall tells the residents of Pima County that she will not agree to a debate with me because hers is “not an open seat,” her record “is well known,” and […]

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Why I am never voting for Hillary Clinton, and this is OK in Arizona: It’s the Electoral College stupid!

Here is the truth: the American voters do not directly elect the President of the United States. It was just in 2000 that the person who got the most votes still lost the election. Here is another truth: so far this century, 100% of the electoral power of the state of Arizona to elect the President has gone to the Republican Party. American Democracy is an illusion. Voting was originally only meant for white men when the Constitution was written, and even then not all the white male citizens had the power to elect even their representatives in the US […]

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