John Pedicone involved in hit-and-run of 65-year old on July 4th morning (VIDEO)


Tucson News Now John J. Pedicone, son of the former Vice President of SALC and the last superintendent of TUSD, was involved in a hit-and-run. The victim was a 65-year man walking along an Oro Valley sidewalk just after sunrise who is now in the hospital. Police were able to find John Pedicone just 4 hours later. It’s amazing how fast cases are solved on the richer whiter part of town. John joins his brother Mike Pedicone as both follow in their father’s footsteps by bringing shame to the Old Pueblo; Mike was the former drummer for the popular band My Chemical […]

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Disguised Democrats fighting Desegregation: TUSD’s Kristel Foster announces re-election campaign


To: The Tucson Community- 24th Open Letter From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers, and Parents and Growing with Each and Every Letter Subject: Kristel Ann Foster Announces Catastrophic News and Sanchez Salary Escalates Administrative Costs for TUSD POLITICS DO MATTER. We are TUSD administrators, teachers, and parents and know exactly what is going on within TUSD. Kristel Ann Foster Ostentatiously Announced Her Candidacy for TUSD Governing Board During the Rodeo Break, As She Contributed to the Amount of Bull Manure that Was Dropped that Week! For months Kristel has been making the political rounds throughout Tucson and pleading her one sided-lie-based […]

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While Tucson activists call for divestment, Raul Grijalva invests in Wells Fargo and Caterpillar


Remember when the Tucson activist community, led by Derechos Humanos, had a protest at the Downtown Wells Fargo after passage of SB1070 and called for a boycott of Wells Fargo for its investment in the private prison industry and the Geo Group? Wells Fargo was also one of the top banks that kicked so many Latinos out of their homes during the mortgage crisis. Meanwhile Congressman Raul Grijalva was profiting by investing in Wells Fargo… Remember when Noam Chomsky was in town supporting the divestment of companies such as Caterpillar, and even the Church of England divested $3.3 million from the […]

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Got NCLB: Is HT Sanchez bringing Texas-style education to TUSD?

Who needs HT Sanchez when people can self-appoint themselves to Director?

The following comment was left on a recent article, so it is already public information. For those following my Facebook and Twitter posts, I have already made clear my disappointment with TUSD building stronger connections with SALC, especially when we already learned what they had in plan for the largest school district in Tucson that is over 60% Latino, whereas SALC represents the exact opposite demographic with many members not even living in the school district nor the city. The finalists for TUSD superintendent two cycles ago was the SALC President Rick Myers and he may have been selected were […]

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Democrats and Grijalvistas and their 187 on TUSD teachers and staff tonight


Hit them Nah man, I can’t Man, I’ve been dealing with you for 5 months and you ain’t hit the non-MAS teachers in front of me yet So wat u saying? You ain’t part of our 5-0 5-0? Man I’m scared shitless of SALC Well hit these muthaf*ckers then! Yeah and you don’t stop Cause it’s 187 on teachers and staff Yeah and you don’t stop Cause it’s 187 on teachers and staff… The Tucson Unified School Distrct Governing Board will vote tonight on whether to issue pink slips to nearly 200 teachers, librarians, counselors and other certified employees. While […]

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NY Times and false dichotomies that allow racist states to run rampant despite federal protections


I am very disappointed with a story in the NY Times today about the MAS/MASS program in TUSD.  It was clearly influenced by the SALC-run Arizona Daily Star and their pro-Pedicone supporting Gassen. To explain what the media continues to do to protect Pedicone, I begin with a related story. We have seen the scene played out before in movies and literature, from Germany to the South, and using the American South as the setting, the (based on many a true) story goes like this: A group of known racists are on the prowl. They all have their white pointed […]

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