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  • Got NCLB: Is HT Sanchez bringing Texas-style education to TUSD?

    The following comment was left on a recent article, so it is already public information. For those following my Facebook and Twitter posts, I have already made clear my disappointment with TUSD building stronger connections with SALC, especially when we already learned what they had in plan for the largest school district in Tucson that is over 60% Latino, whereas SALC represents the exact opposite demographic with many members not even living in the school district nor the city.

    The finalists for TUSD superintendent two cycles ago was the SALC President Rick Myers and he may have been selected were it not for his racist comments about certain cultures, and of course our last superintendent was the SALC Vice-President John Pedicone who came in and dismantled MAS and closed down barrio schools and left.

    So why is HT Sanchez so eager to keep SALC in the forefront of TUSD policy? I bet there are some huge donations being promised for projects which may have suckered in the Texan, but then again he is from an oil company in the same part of Texas that George W. Bush got his start. It will be highly disappointing if HT turns out to stand for el Horse Trojan; a Latino gift snuck in to benefit the same old rich leaders as always seems to be the case with SALC.

    As for what is below, it is not mine, but it does have many links and references, and perhaps readers can comment below this post on any highlights or refutation of claims.

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  • NY Times and false dichotomies that allow racist states to run rampant despite federal protections

    I am very disappointed with a story in the NY Times today about the MAS/MASS program in TUSD.  It was clearly influenced by the SALC-run Arizona Daily Star and their pro-Pedicone supporting Gassen. To explain what the media continues to do to protect Pedicone, I begin with a related story.

    We have seen the scene played out before in movies and literature, from Germany to the South, and using the American South as the setting, the (based on many a true) story goes like this:

    A group of known racists are on the prowl. They all have their white pointed hoods on and are tracking down a black family.

    Earlier that day one of the white men started pushing around one of the black boys. When the father came outside he saw this and punched the man and knocked out his only tooth. The white man told him he would pay for this as the black family ran away.

    The father knew what that meant. The KKK would now be after him and his home was no longer safe. They sought refuge inside one of the white churches known to be a safe place in these types of situations.

    Sure enough, that evening the cross on the church’s front lawn was ablaze in flames and the men came a-knocking with their chains, bats, pitchforks and axes in hand.

    The white pastor comes out to speak with the KKK. They demand the minorities inside. The pastor says that this is wrong, that they are not here, that they should leave them alone, etc.

    Then comes the ultimatum: Either let the boys out or the entire church will be burned down. The pastor prays over this. He knows that letting the boys out will lead to certain death and now is his time to stand up to injustice. Then again, the church might be burned down and the boys may still be killed… what to do?

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