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  • HT Sanchez achieves 100% of goals and gets bonus: Implies satisfying USP is not a priority in TUSD

    New TUSD Superintendent HT Sanchez finally finishes his first year, and it appears the board could not be more giddy about what they call success in district that keeps losing enrollment each and every year.

    Having met 100 percent of his achievement goals, TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez was awarded a $12,600 bonus Tuesday.

    The Tucson Unified School District Governing Board approved the bonus with a 4-0 vote. Board member Mark Stegeman was not present for the vote.

    Governing Board members praised Sanchez and the path he has set TUSD just 11 months into the job.

    For Sanchez, a first-time superintendent who is new to Tucson, the last year has been exactly what he thought it would be.

    What kind of goals did you set out that give you a 100% rating and nothing but praise from the governing board members at a time when the Special Master and even MALDEF are stepping up their fight against TUSD?

    It is also clear that classes for Mexican Americans, in particular Mexican American Studies, is nowhere near a priority for the current supe and Grijalvista board, and we have evidence to strengthen this claim.
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  • TUSD appoints Director for Culturally Relevant classes after search process aborted

    In a move that no outsiders could see coming, this week TUSD superintendent HT Sanchez appointed education veterano Sal Gabaldon to be the Director of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy.

    To be clear, you will hear not one word negative about Gabaldon from me, but there has been so much going on behind the scenes that at least we can know some things now with certainty. What is certain is that there remains a lot of uncertainty for the future of the Culturally Relevant Pedagogy department which was created to replace the banned Mexican American Studies program.

    Maestro Sal Gabaldon

    Let me reiterate that the choice of Gabaldon is a good one, but the way in which he was chosen raises many more questions about problems at TUSD, so let us begin.

    Briefly, a year after the MAS program was banned in TUSD, a new federal desegregation order took effect that took over a year to be crafted by the so-called Special Master that is overseeing the process.

    The Special Master is an expert of the old school in black-white school issues as a retired professor from Maryland, but this is the Southwest and this is post-SB1070 Arizona, a state where the top school chief John Huppenthal actually runs on a racist platform, promising to “Stop La Raza” if elected.

    The Mexican American Studies program in TUSD was unique, even from college programs of the same name nationwide. MAS-TUSD was created by the Chicano community in Tucson and was built using an indigenous pedagogy to bridge the achievement gap where the nationwide average of Latino high school graduation rates is under 50%.

    College programs are made for those who have already made it to college, but this program was made for those youth in high school at risk of dropping out immediately. Actually when the program was first created in TUSD there was an epidemic of gang violence in the schools and this was a response to that problem also. Sometimes the first book the student ever completely read was in an MAS class where the love of reading was finally realized.

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