The Quick Case against Kristel Foster (and Cam) for TUSD school board: Deceptions and lack of courage caught on VIDEO, you decide!

Kristel Foster and Martha Durkin, both school board members, with John Pedicone.

So much has happened in the past month, and indeed the past 4 years, that we can make a simple and quick case against the promises and misleading assertions made by current TUSD board member Kristel Foster based solely on her own words and data provided by TUSD. We begin by mentioning a rhetorical approach used by all politicians, including Ms. Foster. If I am running for office, I can say that one of my goals is make everyone a millionaire. It is not really a lie since the assertion is being made for the future, and once the future […]

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HT Sanchez keeps fighting Special Master and losing, all students suffer

HT Sanchez continues John Pedicone's path of MAS destruction.

There are two articles in today’s Arizona Daily Star regarding the Desegregation Order and TUSD. The first one has to do with HT Sanchez bending over backwards to “fix” problems that do not really exist on the more white northeast side of town while continuing to ignore the severe problems plaguing the southwest, the more brown side of town. A TUSD plan to convert Sabino High School into a campus that serves seventh- through 12th-graders would cater primarily to white, middle-class families, a desegregation expert contends. Willis Hawley, the special master assigned to oversee desegregation efforts at Tucson Unified School District, […]

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HT Sanchez’s Chilling Effect: Hires Phoenix lawfirm to investigate TUSD Whistleblowers

Delivered in Person November 25, 2015 The Honorable David C. Bury United States District Court Evo A. DeConcini U.S. Courthouse 405 West Congress Street, Suite 6170 Tucson, Arizona 85701-5065 Honorable Judge Bury: I understand and respect that communication to the Court from me should not become standard practice and I apologize for burdening the Court with another communication, in the same capacity as my former letter. My letter to the Court of November 2, 2015 was one in which I offered a minority opinion. I explained that given the current environment, I had no other recourse. The letter presented my viewpoints on […]

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Tremendous news update on Magnet Schools: Letter from TUSD-Deseg Mendoza Representative

October 7, 2015 Dear Friends and Colleagues: Tremendous news occurred on October 6, 2015 during the meeting with all of the parties involved in the desegregation case- TUSD/the  Respondent and its Legal Counsel; Mendoza Plaintiffs’ Legal Counsel and Representative; Fisher Plaintiffs’ Legal Counsel and Representatives; Plaintiff Intervenor- US Department of Justice- Legal Counsel; the Court-appointed Special Master and an Implementation Committee Member. In the September 2015 Desegregation Update (attached for your reference), I stressed that the Mendoza Plaintiffs’ have demonstrated long-standing support for the magnet schools through their relentless insistence that the magnet schools be fully backed through their budget […]

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TUSD Desegregation Plaintiff Rep calls out the Dirty Sanchez Smear Campaign against Latinos

Dear Friends and Colleagues: As we enter the fall season, I hope this finds you well and finally cooling down from our hot summer.  It has been “hot” in several realms, including in the area of the TUSD desegregation case- with no immediate sign of a “cool-down.” The work involved in the case has been constant and more challenging than ever. This desegregation update addresses TUSD’s magnet schools and provides: The compliance status of 5 magnet schools relative to its integration efforts – as determined by the court-appointed Special Master & his clarification/recommendation on the needed and continued funding support […]

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HT Sanchez vs Special Master: Who is the real monster hurting Magnet Schools in TUSD?


We have gotten many questions about the recent news regarding the “demagnetization” of several TUSD Magnet Schools. Superintendent HT Sanchez has been on a rampage lately seeking to lay asunder any respect for the court-appointed Special Master and MALDEF and is declaring war… but is the biggest enemy himself? #GotTezcatlipoca? After a week of research since the Arizona Daily Star broke the news that HT was ready to do battle, after speaking with many teachers and other community members, we present here our findings in as non-technical a way possible so hopefully everyone can understand the issue. (1) Being under […]

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TUSD Whistleblowers: HT Sanchez’s continued role in school district’s downward demise

Contents: From Democracy to Demagoguery- Under HT (Hypnotic Trance) Sanchez TUSD Teacher Vacancies Indicate that the Schools are a Low Priority Eliminate the Noise from Board Members (literally and figuratively) HT Sanchez’ Quid Pro Quo – Bribery for Loyalty Inconsistencies Pertaining to Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities, Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP) and In-house Suspension ISS Training $800,000 DEFICIT In one of HT Sanchez’ Pet Projects- TUSD Day Cares (the Infant and Early Learning Centers) Technical Difficulties with Technology Lacking Support Coordinators (or as TUSD refers to them- Learning Support Coordinators (LSCs) TUSD’s Perpetual False Advertisement From Democracy to […]

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