My radio interview discussing TUSD censorship and their chilling effect on Free Speech


I was interviewed on the JT Harris Show yesterday, which is on from 2-6pm on 104.1-FM. The discussion was on what happened the previous evening at the TUSD board meeting. In July, TUSD board President Adelita Grijalva had me sit down and did not allow me to speak until the new TUSD attorney had to tell her publicly that she was wrong. That pissed her off so much that as soon as I started speaking she got up and left the room, with HT Sanchez and Cam Juarez following loyally behind her. At the August 9th board meeting Adelita did […]

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Response to Kristel Foster’s “insult to student activists”

Kristel Foster embracing the woman who ordered MAS books to be banned, with the superintendent who banned MAS, at an awards ceremony celebrating what he did.

TUSD board member Kristel Foster had a message for me on Facebook. Don’t you just love it when white women tell the brown folks how to protest the very racism that is perpetuated by politicians such as Kristel Foster once they are finally in positions of power in TUSD, in this case: Lacking the courage to bring back Mexican American Studies Continuing to fight the Latino and Black Plaintiffs on the Desegregation Order. First of all, my Facebook page is open to all because I’m not a fan of censorship like the current board majority is. I cannot see any […]

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Whistleblowers: TUSD’s persecution of the press and promoting propaganda with Palo Verde and Booth-Fickett

Propaganda and Censorship HT-ler style at TUSD board meetings.

Open 35th Letter to the Community Pertaining to the Dreadful State of TUSD Whistleblower Insight on Recent Governing Board Meeting Agenda Items RE: Palo Verde and Booth-Fickett During the last two Board meetings HT Sanchez has placed Palo Verde Magnet High School and Booth-Fickett Magnet School on the agendas to “brag” on the schools. We, at each of the schools, very much like that our schools get positive attention but not under the current situation. By showcasing our schools and saying lots of good things about what we are doing, is it expected that we and the public will not believe that despite […]

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Whistleblowers: Kristel Foster is Delusional, Cam Juarez campaign is idle


To: The Tucson Community- 34th Open Letter From:  Whistleblowers– Comprised of a Large Group of Extremely Concerned TUSD Administrators, Teachers (welcoming new teachers and administrators), Retired Administrators and Teachers, Parents, Grandparents- Growing with Each and Every Letter Subject: Kristel Foster is Clueless & Delusional and Cam Juarez’s Campaign is Idle Kristel Foster, who is obviously desperate and delusional, has emailed another of her top ten goals from her one and only Superintendent’s Strategic Plan. Many who receive her emails forward them with comments such as, “She does not have a clue!”; “Is she nuts?”; “Get a hold of this pack of lies!”; “The HT Sanchez Kool-Aid must cause […]

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Principal Auggie Romero attacks math teachers at Pueblo HS: Emails about grade inflation to HT released

Auggie Romero and a team of highly-paid TUSD admins failed to do in over a year what Curtis Acosta did for free in a few weeks in his spare time.

“Dr. Romero has become so desperate to help his reputation that he encourages grade inflation. Teachers who chose not to go along with grade inflation are being looked down upon with this passive aggressive behavior, which means teachers get the “bad” classes and people that grade inflate get to chose their classes. Instead of encouraging students to rise and work up to their potential he wants the bars lowered. Arizona is already so behind in education that lowering the bar is a disservice to the students. It’s quite disgusting to see this happen. Dr. Romero claims that he is here […]

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Filthy conditions at TUSD Magnet High School; some bathroom stalls still have no doors

Former TUSD Athletic Director claims year-long unsanitary conditions KGUN9 gets answers from TUSD Operations Chief Filthy and stinky bathrooms and locker rooms. Unsanitary conditions of athletic facilities described by a former TUSD Athletic Director at two high schools over the past two years. Harvey Thompson is coming forward now after he left the district to explain his fight to get athletic facilities cleaned up. And KGUN9 not only gets answers from the man in charge of the TUSD facilities, we learn what issues exist district wide. The KGUN9 webpage is included below for your convenience.

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Mark Stegeman explains Open Meeting Law violation finding against TUSD by Attorney General


Responding to a complaint that Michael Hicks and I filed in December, the state Attorney General’s office sent a letter last Friday to TUSD. The AG’s office found that the board violated the Open Meeting Law by holding the discussion of the superintendent’s goals in executive session.  As remedies, the AG’s office requests that: the board read the relevant parts of the letter into the record at a board meeting; make the entire letter available to the public; conduct a public training on the OML within 90 days; and accept the findings and remedies by a public vote. I have […]

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