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  • White Privilege and Mass Murders in America

    There he goes again, that darn Three Sonorans playing the race card again…

    I made a comment on Facebook yesterday:

    Trying to shoot down MAS classes and not looking in the mirror to see what in American culture causes mass shootings…

    and immediately was met with complaints that the Colorado shooting has nothing to do with race or MAS.

    My point was that we focus so much on the danger of Chicanos learning their history when the real threat comes from crazy Americans with very easy access to guns, but that is besides the point for now.

    Does the Colorado Dark Knight shooting have anything to do with race? For those who know about Critical Race Theory and view events and issues through that special lens, the answer is interesting either way. If it does have to do with race, then that discussion can continue.

    But I want to consider the opposite; what if the shooting has nothing to do with race? This is actually where things get interesting.

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