VIDEO: White Privilege in Arizona on full display during Federal Court hearing defending ban of Ethnic Studies

White Privilege was on full display this week at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco this past Monday, January 12th, 2015 as the State of Arizona defended its Ethnic Studies Ban law that was being challenged by two Chicanas, Maya Arce and Korina Lopez, from TUSD. White Privilege does not mean a white person has money, but refers to the privilege that whiteness brings to the person who is part of the dominant class. For example, the “default” when speaking of American History is always the history of the European descendants and their journey westward to fulfill […]

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Oracle, Arizona is not Murrieta, CA (VIDEO)

Oracle AZ

Dennis Gilman went to Oracle recently when white supremacists were going to protest children refugees that would be housed in a youth camp nearby and he captured both sides of the story.  His video is above. One thing that videographer Gilman enjoys that I do not, which he admits it and uses it for good, is his White Privilege and ability to get angry folks to reveal more to the camera than they might to someone who is clearly “reasonably suspicious” such as myself.   Buy Three Sonorans a coffee! Become a sustaining member

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White Privilege and Mass Murders in America


There he goes again, that darn Three Sonorans playing the race card again… I made a comment on Facebook yesterday: Trying to shoot down MAS classes and not looking in the mirror to see what in American culture causes mass shootings… and immediately was met with complaints that the Colorado shooting has nothing to do with race or MAS. My point was that we focus so much on the danger of Chicanos learning their history when the real threat comes from crazy Americans with very easy access to guns, but that is besides the point for now. Does the Colorado […]

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VIDEO: Students take over TUSD board chambers, Wisconsin-style


How to describe tonight’s actions with so much emotion? I’ll let the video above convey emotion, and I will stick to the facts here. The TUSD board meeting was to start at 6pm. About 5:40 the doors were opened. Around 5:50 is when the students took over the board seats. The rest of the crowd immediately filled the board room. The students chained themselves to the chairs and to each other immediately. After a while TUSD superintendent John Pedicone came outside with only loud “boos” to greet him. TUSD board members Judy Burns and Adelita Grijalva also came out with […]

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