County supervisor in Arizona is WHITE and proud: Ally Miller is tired of all the attacks on white people!

Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller has had enough of this country’s long legacy of oppressing white people.

Her response to yesterday’s tragic events at the white supremacy rally is that she is WHITE and proud of it and is not going to apologize to anyone!

While Ally, a popular guest on right-wing radio in Tucson, has every right to proclaim her WHITE pride even as she frequents the JT Harris show (to those who are not “colorblind” as conservatives claim to be, JT is what his listeners would call an American of African descent, because there, is no white or black, only American) students of history would advise anyone who is ready to proclaim WHITE pride to first study the history of “whiteness” and who exactly is considered a white person in this country.

The concept of whiteness was created to unite the poor white folks who are being oppressed in this country against the black folks because hey, at least they aren’t black right? This allows a poor white person to feel they have more in common with someone like Donald Trump and the bankers that keep them down rather than their black neighbors down the street. In fact, their plight in life is exactly the fault of those poor black people… And the Mexicans… And the Muslims…

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20 comments on “County supervisor in Arizona is WHITE and proud: Ally Miller is tired of all the attacks on white people!
    • iN AN attempt to decipher your post, surely you aren’t saying that ALLY is or possibly supports the KKK Nazi party are you? With the name Murillo, TELL ME ROBERTO, are you proud to be Mexican or Hispanic?

  1. I am not against white people…you are twisting the story…I am against a race trying to reign supreme over others.
    “Supremacy Versus Equality”. There is a difference. Do you get it now?

  2. I hope All gets it after reading the comments. If not she is part of the problem. The problem is the Alt-Right groups and anyone who supports their agenda

    • No actually the problem are the left wing Liberals of this country who struggle with terminal Hypocrisy. WHILE hundreds of Trump supporters have been chased down in these past 2 years, beaten unmercifully, and DO NOT try and turn that around because I’ll match you 10 to 1 instances where Sanders / Clinton people were the aggressors, but while Trump supporters were chased down and beaten, roads blocks, people trying to get to hospitals including rescue units AND COULD NOT because of Trump protesters and their violent actions, NOT A DAMN SOUL CHOSE TO CALL IT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. NOW that left wing lunatics can twist and distort this story yesterday and blame Trump, suddenly it becomes Domestic Terrorism.

      • Warreng thank you for sharing. You do seem a bit angry though. Do you feel better now? Breathe in and now out. Perhaps working on your fact finding skills, managing your anger and learning how to debate without cussing and name-calling would better serve you. The beauty of America is that we can agree to disagree… As long as it’s done in peace. Think about that… And think about what is truly being debated right now… Perhaps you should try yoga… I better get ready and go now…this liberal is late for her yoga class… 😉

  3. What is she talking about? I am white and don’t feel this way. What is wrong with her? I am also from the south and find this hard to know what is happening there. These were the people of Charlottesville who do not want these racist people in their town.

    • Not a damn thing wrong with her that eliminating all the left wing crazy ass liberals from this planet wouldn’t solve. Sorry you’re just too damn stupid to understand what she was saying. This is going to shock the shit out of you but for some time now BLM, asshole Obama and a list of left wing bastards have worked over time to make white people today feel guilty for things we NEVER did.

    • No. according to Ally (and any narcissistic media whore) it is ALWAYS about them.
      What an embarrassment this bitch is.

  4. So standing for racism, and hate is being oppressed, FYI the lady who got killed my the terrorist act, and yes terrorist same ideology as ISIS just kill a patriotic true American who is also white like your self, fighting for same ideas and principal we fight abroad for.

  5. Trouble in paradise for this white privilege princess! The alt right people brought on this tragedy… And by the way they are white! Dear miss lily white wake up from your deep coma! This is the Donald Trump America!

    • you just showed your stupid ass ignorance by the use of that word you gd liberals from hell are throwing around now, “PRIVILEGED”. AND you assholes will wear it out as you have the word racist because you’re nothing but idiots. DID your sorry f’n ass speak out when throngs of crazy ass rabid Clinton / Sanders supporters chased down Trump supporters and beat the hell out of them? HELL NOT you didn’t so shut the fk up and crawl back in your gd troll hole asshole.

      • Your vulgar and low level vocabulary expose your shallow understanding or race. With so much hate in your being, how can you possibly be open to anything anyone has to say. Unfortunately you reflect much of the mindset which breeds contempt and hate.
        I have left the Republican party because of Trump and followers like you.

        Try to actually make a thoughtful statement without damning liberals and cussing a blue streak!

        Ally represents an entire Pima County District and does not need to make statements that differentiate her from constituents who do not look like her. Her statement is offensive. I am white and find it self-ingratiating and terribly offensive.

      • So where do you keep your white sheet and your cross, hm? Probably next to the TV which is always on Fox News.


    • Werring, now you are stooping to nothing but name calling. If you want to debate, use facts, use real sentences, use paragraphs, use connected thoughts. Cussing will not gain you anything.

      Valadez and Elias may in fact be proud to be of their Mexican heritage but they did not make a statement similar to Ally’s which “bordered” her away from many of her own constituents. She can feel and take pride in anything she wants but as an elected official she should learn to filter out stupid statements before they erupt from her lips.

      I am not a liberal. As I said earlier, I have left what has become a hate-based and divisive Party, which has broken my heart. With the alt right now sitting in the White House, unfortunately the Republican Party has been hijacked. Remember that Steve Bannon wants nothing more than to destroy the Republican Party. So far he is winning. Ally is helping his cause by not thinking before she speaks.

    • Werring, You are stooping to lowest of communication levels. You present no facts (Trumpees were not beaten to the degree you are suggesting); you cuss; and you speak tremendously hateful about liberals. Do you recall Trump encouraging violence at his gathering, which was caught on video? Or has this totally escaped you?
      As someone who has just left the Republican Party because it has been infiltrated by the likes of you and Trump, I can only say that by the time you realize that the Party has been hijacked it will be too late.

      Steve Bannon and other alt rights in the White House want nothing more than to destroy the Republican Party. He is winning. Trump is an instrument. That is all he is. Wake up. Stop cussing. Put two words together. Put a sentence together. Put a paragraph together. Speak and write without cussing and blaming liberals. Put some thoughts together. Read and watch real news.

      Ally has the right to be proud of her heritage. Of course. But that is not what she said. She made a racially reactionary statement which is always a mistake. She represents many people in her District that do not look like her. She put an automatic barrier between her and them. I am white and live in her District and she offended me.

      Really, get a grip on reality.

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