Marcy Wheeler Says Indictments in Russia Probe Further Incriminate Attorney General Jeff Sessions

    <a href=""><img alt="_s1_sessions" src="" style="float:right; padding-left:5px;" /></a>President Donald Trump&#8217;s former campaign chair Paul Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates surrendered to the <span class="caps">FBI</span>, after being indicted on charges that include money laundering, acting as unregistered agents of Ukraine&#8217;s former pro-Russian government and conspiracy against the United States. The White House said the indictments have nothing to do with the president&#8217;s 2016 campaign. However, Trump stopped tweeting yesterday after his former campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty to lying to the <span class="caps">FBI</span>. We speak with Marcy Wheeler, who in a new piece writes, &#8220;George Papadopoulos&#8217;s Indictment is Very, Very Bad News for Attorney General Jeff Sessions.&#8221;

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