Former FBI Official Believes Robert Mueller Is Closing In on Trump Himself

The president should worry about what his staffers know.
Frank Figliuzzi, a former counterintelligence assistant director who worked under Bob Mueller, believes his old boss is on a path that leads straight to President Donald Trump's White House in the Russia probe. "Well, there’s clearly a pathway that he’s got planned out, and we’re seeing it unfold right now,” Figliuzzi said during an appearance on MSNBC. “And one of the things that I think we’re all realizing is that the Mueller team is much farther along in this investigation and much closer to the Oval Office than many of us realized." Figliuzzi explained how a number of former White House staffers are fully cooperating with Mueller already, and they may have knowledge of incriminating behavior from the president. But the real worry for Trump right now should be the upcoming interview with communications director Hope Hicks, an associate of Trump's since his reality television days. “Hope Hicks has been with Trump and the Trump Organization since 2014," Figliuzzi said. "She’s a 29-year-old young lady. She’s about to undergo the most stressful part of her life: being interviewed by the special counsel team. She sits in the most sensitive meetings, the most critical media interviews the president has." "She knows more than we think she knows," Figliuzzi added. Watch the segment below.  

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