Robert Reich Nails How the Trump Tax Plan Is One Big ‘Trojan Horse’

Some middle earners would actually see their taxes increase.
Robert Reich, labor secretary during the administration of President Bill Clinton, released a video explaining how Republicans are using a "gigantic Trojan horse" tax cut proposal to redistribute wealth to the rich while distracting the public with unreliable tax cuts for a subset of middle earners.“For most Americans, the proposed tax cuts are tiny and temporary,” Reich said. Other families will see their taxes increase.The GOP is also misleading the public about the social safety net by pretending like they aren't already in the process of chipping away at everything from medical care to housing for the poor.“Republicans say economic ‘growth’ will pay for the tax cuts, so there’s no need to cut social programs like Medicare and Medicaid,” Reich said. “But Republicans have just passed a budget that would cut nearly $1.5 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid to pay for these tax cuts. Pell grants, housing assistance and even cancer research are also on the chopping block.”Watch the full video below.  

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