Former Justice Department Official Knows Why Trump’s Lawyers Don’t Want Him to Testify

"He doesn't tell the truth with respect to what he knows."
Michael Zeldin, a former special assistant to Robert Mueller while he was at the Justice Department, says President Donald Trump's lawyers don't want him to go under oath because "he doesn't tell the truth with respect to what he knows" about Russia.“What stands out most is, the president of the United States cannot go under oath,” Zeldin told CNN during the Thursday broadcast of AC360. “His disconnected stories over the course of these months that we’ve been following [the Russia investigation] create for him the possibility of a perjury trap if he goes under oath. And I think [Trump’s lawyers] Ty Cobb and John Dowd know this.”Zeldin believes, however, that Trump's lawyers are engaged in stall tactics, because the president will almost surely not be able to avoid giving sworn testimony.All his lawyers can do in the end is “create a narrative that hopefully he can stick to.”  

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