Carter Page Gives Bizarre CNN Interview After Pleading Fifth During Russia Probe

At one point in his latest appearance, he claimed to be investigating interference that hasn't happened yet.
President Trump's campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page won't stop going on-air and giving inadvisable interviews about the Russia controversy.Page now claims he hasn't been following special prosecutor Bob Mueller's Russia investigation because he was preoccupied with "more important cases" about election interference.The problem is that he claimed these elusive "cases" were about interference "next year," despite the fact that continued interference from Russia is the same "case" that's been going on since at least 2015.Page also seemed to attempt an explanation of his pleading the Fifth to the House Intelligence Committee by talking about an alleged leak of private testimony, which does nothing to make him look less suspicious.He also claims to have been "hacked"—by the U.S. government.Watch his latest trainwreck interview below.  

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