McConnell Refuses to Protect Mueller from being Fired by Trump and Safeguard against a Constitutional Crisis

The senate majority leader shrugged off concerns.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shrugged off concerns that Congress should safeguard against a constitutional crisis by passing legislation to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from being fired by the White House he is tasked with investigating.Sen. McConnell was asked about multiple bills that would protect the special counsel from interference from President Donald Trump during an interview with MSNBC anchor Hugh Hewitt that was broadcast Saturday.“This is also a week of indictments,” Hewitt noted. “There are two views about Mr. Mueller. Some want legislation to restrain his power and limit his reach. Others want legislation to keep him safe from being fired.”“Do you think Congress has any role in legislating about the special counsel right now?” Hewitt asked.“I don’t think so,” McConnell answered.Multiple Republican leaders have urged President Trump to fire the special counsel. Ousted Trump strategist Steve Bannon has urged a scorched earth approach to the investigation and Pat Robertsondemanded Trump fire Mueller and pardon everyone to “shut down” the investigation.As the chorus of far-right voices against the special counsel grows, the appetite for congressional action to protect Mueller has waned.That perspective has now trickled up to Majority Leader McConnell.“I don’t hear much pressure to pass anything,” McConnell claimed. “There’s been no indication that the president or the White House are not cooperating with the special counsel.”“I think the view up here is let him do his job,” McConnell suggested.Watch Part I:  

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