GOP Quietly Moves to Open Arctic Refuge to Oil & Gas Drilling While Earth Undergoes 6th Extinction

    <a href=""><img alt="_s2_arctic-national-wildlife-refuge" src="" style="float:right; padding-left:5px;" /></a>As the <span class="caps">GOP</span> tax bill heads to a potential vote today, a little known provision tucked into the Republican tax bill would open one of the world&#8217;s last pristine wildernesses—the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—to oil and fracked gas drilling. The amendment was added during negotiations to win votes for the larger tax bill. The Arctic Refuge is rich in biodiversity and home to caribou, polar bears and musk oxen. It has also been home to indigenous people for thousands of years. We speak with activist and photographer Subhankar Banerjee, Lannan Chair and professor of art and ecology at the University of New Mexico.

Syndicated from Democracy Now! which can be read here.

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