This Hilarious Trump Spoof from Comedy Central Is an Early Christmas Gift

"The President Show" celebrates the holiday season in style.

In a special holiday episode of The President Show, a satirical look at the Trump administration on Comedy Central, President and a reporter sing a duet about the cynical relationship they enjoy.

“You do this all the time! You claim you’re going to give the press something of substance, and all you give us is corporate propaganda,” an exasperated reporter says to Trump. “When are you going to become presidential?”

Then Trump explains how his behavior isn't so bad for the news . In fact, the relationship is “symbiotic.”

“We need each other like a parasite needs a host,” the song goes as the two trade self-aware comments about Trump's propoganda and the news media's incessant coverage.

Trump even performs a “roll call” of the “fake” outlets who offer him constant, very real coverage.

Check out the hilarious and slightly-too-accurate clip below.


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