Time’s Up: Meet Five of the Women Who Staged Protest at Golden Globes Against Gender Violence

    <a href="http://www.democracynow.org/2018/1/12/times_up_meet_five_of_the"><img alt="Seg-2-women1" src="https://www.democracynow.org/images/story/14/40314/w320/seg-2-women1.jpg" style="float:right; padding-left:5px;" /></a>Across the United States, women are declaring &#8220;Time&#8217;s Up!&#8221; That&#8217;s the rallying cry that&#8217;s bringing together women—from Hollywood actresses to housekeepers—to demand gender and racial justice and a world free of sexual harassment and assault. The movement launched on Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, where the red carpet went dark, with many dressed in black to show their solidarity with the movement. And it wasn&#8217;t just actors and actresses. A number Hollywood stars brought social justice activists with them to the Golden Globes this year. Meryl Streep attended the ceremony with Ai-jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Shailene Woodley was accompanied by Suquamish Tribe member Calina Lawrence. Emma Stone brought tennis champ and <span class="caps">LGBT</span> advocate Billie Jean King. Susan Sarandon brought media justice activist Rosa Clemente. Amy Poehler&#8217;s guest was Saru Jayaraman, president of Restaurant Opportunities Center. Emma Watson brought Marai Larasi, executive director of the British anti-violence organization Imkaan. Laura Dern attended with Mónica Ramírez, president of the National Farmworker Women&#8217;s Alliance. And Michelle Williams walked the red carpet with #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke.

Originally posted from Democracy Now! which can be read here.

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